Senin, 22 September 2008


Yesterday a guy was seeking company to climb Arjuna with him and hike around Kebun teh Wonosari. Perhaps next month, "when the weather's at best"

that's my homeland!

but i din think much of it until later midnight when these thought revisited me:

Mami has made it to the top of Mt Arjuna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine! She conquered it with her friends. oh just recall the way she told of the crater lake on its top and of how the full moon provided the luminescence. And the breezing wind.....

And how Papi got shipwrecked--literally. Some big waves crushed the boat on which Papi and his friends sailed, then a shark came in and got roasted, and how the waves sent them floating on raft ala Cast Away before being hauled by the locals to Pulau Komodo!!!! oh my!

(Sem, where have you beeeeeeeeen???????)

i'm soooooooooooo proud of them.

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