Senin, 15 September 2008

Eating, Ubud style

It was good for us to postpone dinner until 9.30 pm. After brisk shower of superhot-and-icy water (Fajar got the last, sorry buddy tee hee), we headed to Bebek Bengil I at Jalan Hanoman. Only Rama'd been there before, so he acted as our guide. It was nice of him.

Lucky us, somebody was late that the reserved bale was given for us three. Forget the few mosquitoes, we were enjoying the view and ourselves. even in darkness, the sawahs looked beautiful. I could imagine how it looked in the daylight.

It was upscale eatery and we did our best to enjoy. Rama and I ordered Bebek Bengil Punch (?) one that combines coco milk (santan) with citrus juice (it tastes good). and of course the famed roast duck.

It arrived with fried sambal, mixed veg (urap), and the-long-expected-eventually-comes sambal matah (sliced chilli and garlic infused in heated oil). Yuuuummmmm...... the halved poultry was crunchy and tasty. and i had the sambal matah just for myself. And we were eating puluk--with hands, according to Sukarno. Life's good, no?

the morning after--after a light breakfast of sliced fruit and egg sandwich, and coffee--thank goodness Fajar remembered to try this roast suckling pig, Balinese style. the one that i watched on Discovery Channel. the place looked the same only with more people eating. we got the table at the bale and started the meal with hot orange drink (pomelo juice). and when it arrived.....hmmm my, my mouth watered. it looked heavily spiced and inviting. so i dipped my fingers and shoved it into my mouth.....and of course i got my tasty company, the sambal matah condiment. yum yum

the gravy was heavy and the meat soft and spicy. the meaty dish also got a hard piece of bacon. dry outside, soft and juicy inside. and the blood sausage also tasted good although it wasn't my favorite.

eating while sitting on the floor was good. loved the experience. surely i will come back

and dinner by the sea..... how romantic was that? not romantic but surely it was pleasant. we arrived at 8 and the wave was 3 meters away. in the distance we could see the twinkling private beaches, like 100 m away and on the right side was the airport. Rama was deeply drawn to the latter scene. no surprise since he's a son of a pilot. i din see the beauty until Rama counted every movement and maneuvre of planes. we stayed about one hr until the waves began licking our feet.

back to the table, we grilled red snapper, doughed squid, sauted watercress, and roast clams. the food was of medium taste but the experience was cool.

one thing i notice from Rama was he stopped eating when he felt full, while moi wouldn't stop until i felt fully stuffed. I respect his choice of lifestyle :)

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