Senin, 08 September 2008

The Service (Bali)

Balinese Jonah and the big fish

Balinese nativity?

A burning bush type sign (Balinese Moses)

Balinese Noah

at first i din entertain the thought and i said to myself, i'm in holidays, eh? but the urge was strong as well as the thought that even Richie always finds a church to go to when he travels. And Rama was even eager. I remember Nyong sang "Be glad o my heart when somebody says let's go to the house of the Lord."

So we managed to enter the gates of Bali Protestant Church with thanksgiving.
It was English service at 10 at Legian.

devotional dance

the church itself is big, spacious, and 'green'. I mean it uses minimum electricity and it relies upon the sunshine for the lighting. Green church i should say. Half of the building is open and the cascaded ceiling was designed to convey sound. the acoustic was great.
one thing i love is the "bali-ness" of the atmoshere.


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