Rabu, 15 Oktober 2008

"i have been given one moment from heavens"

I love Enya for singing this nice song. It is inspiring.

On my way home I remember only good things

I can't say i dont remember the awful and unnerving things but the last trip turned to be exciting, i should say. i get different perspective on how i see. (see, i paid! hahahaha)
now i can overlook the piques.

even the thoughts of giving medicinal instructions (?) still produces a hearty giggle. We were the front guards (or the point of the spears, as people here love to use the term), said cika. We were....uhm, perhaps. I aint sure. Now I think Martha was right. she said all people like that need is love.

Did i gave them? i still aint sure. but sure, i learn from this. my. see, every one needs to be loved and when it is you the one who should give love, give them. "Cepat sembuh ya Pak, Bu, Dek..." Meanwhile in the classroom, I saw Anast was sharing her knowledge, her enthusiasm with those children. It was cool to see how she lit them up.

yesterday i broke my promise and called Cika. We talked about this and ended up laughing out loud. the last trip was equally awful and fun. hey, i dont think it's equal.

but speaking about laughter, there was much laughter. more than i've ever had before during my trips. hahahahaha i think Anast will agree with us.

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