Rabu, 09 Januari 2008


Candi Jago

long long time ago . . .

The last day i went to Tumpang, it was an uncomfortable experience. i was like being bullied by local people. they were interested in me and constantly called me tole (TOE-lay), Javanese for little boy. Somehow, it was like an insult to my haughty ears haha. Stop calling me tole, i yelled. I was 5 or 6 yo.
last May i decided to return there, to my birthplace, Tumpang. i need to reconcile, i thought. (The word tumpang is Indonesian for sleep over or temporarily stay. i stayed there until i was 3.) Straight from Marly's house at Mendit spring, Malang, it is about 30 min on motorbike.
Papi and I stopped at Candi Jago and did some climb on that Bhuddist temple (AD 1268). Although the top part has been scattered down, the base is still solid and the relief is visible, telling Mahabrhata epic.

and then we went to the neighboring Candi Kidal, a slender 8 m tall Hindu temple built to honor a king of Singosari. it is adorned with chronicle of garuda (eagle headed, half man, half god). i just couldn't believe the fact that it was built centuries ago (AD 1182). it's well chiseled and well structured. beautiful.
Candi Kidal

then we went down to Desa Kidal. It is remote and surrounded by sugarcane fields and some lush greenery. beautiful. some streets remain unpaved and chicken roam freely. You know, Tumpang is well known for producing crunchy apples and sweet native kelengkeng (lychee's cousin).

and then Papi spotted this and that: we rent this house, this is ...'s house etc.
i think i want to go back there some time because none called me tole that afternoon :)


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