Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

pasir putih

i have visited this beach many a times but the most memorable perhaps was the first time. it was the first time in my life Mom approved my being lazy to school. besides i remember, i had a boil growing on one of my leg. Mami said, the saltwater will cure it.

so i went with all LBTC people on bus. i din remember how long it took. i remember mami and i sat on a big rock and got photographed.

in the evening when the sun was setting, i played on the beach, searching for some hermit crabs, then i found some trapped fish. i dug a small well in the sand and the water filled it. i browsed the seashells sellers and wished i could buy some miniatures of men horsing made up of bright colored shells glued together and to adorn them was small bright colored ropes, chepa velvet mini jackets and fake black-and-white "moving" eyes.
little sem also played with a living gurita (what is it in english?). its tentacles wrapped around his right arms and felt squirmish :)
someone (tante who?) removed it with stick.

i remember the lunch pack, a goodie from Blue Band: it was yellow with white cover. on the cover was a drawing of boy chasing a ball, painted in metallic navy blue. i cant remembr what mami put in it: simple sandwich of margarine and sugar?

i love the experience and mostly the leisure of not going to school that day and i think my boil was cured that day :)

the second time i went there perhaps in 1991, SDK farewell party. students from 6-a-b-c (me from 6B) went there. i remember harsa dhani, grendy, ? we took a ride on a boat. they provided us with an aquariumlike floating object. it turned out to be a giant google so we could see the seabed clearly. think most of the time we saw only firce and intimidating spines of bulu babi....

the third time, perhaps last Lebaran

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