Jumat, 18 Januari 2008

Batik Shopping (Jogjakarta)

batik cetak Surakarta

batik tulis

vintage or used batik

batik cetak

Madurese batik

Batik shopping is a serious thing. once, I ended up buying something overpriced and of bad quality. Thanks to the man at Museum Batik, I always check whether it is batik tulis (candle drawn), batik cap (stamped) or cetak (print batik) and the cheapest and the most not recommended is print batik. i ever bought 2 x 1.2 m print batik at Pasar Baru for Rp 75,000 (about USD 8) this is much more expensive than what i get (see 4th batik above) which is cetak.

Having no skill in bargaining, i opt fixed price :) and bazaars and Mirota (Yogyakarta) are my favorite place to shop batik. They give reasonable price for best buys, like batik tulis Madura and vintage batik.

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