Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Wide Eyed Adventure


(photos by Diah R. Sulistiowati)

You come in the wrong time. That’s what people said to me, MbakDiah and MbakTeja. We came to Alor when the west monsoon came. The sky was grey all the time and the dark clouds kept sending heavy rain. The sea was welling up albeit remaining calm.

I could have drown in sadness and regret, but I just forgot to do so. Every thing I saw was quite new and I love the scenery. I indeed said to myself that it must be more beautiful to see them when it is not raining. But strangely enough, I just forgot to feel resentment.

All things bright and beautiful, even in bad weather.

I was surprised to find that even this old grey brain played a tune to the trip. I didn’t give command to open the file. It just played John Rutter’s song over and over: Look at the world, everything all around you. Look at the world and marvel every day…

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