Senin, 01 Desember 2008

Weekend in Bogor

Villas, Kebon Raya, kue cubit, cold breeze, greenery signify Bogor. I gladly nodded when offered. Just to be shy away from the city'd be great. At first I din expect the villa includes sawah, pond, and garden.

Sara said, it's not far from the station. farther the location was only in my mind. I thought it was like near Curug or so. "In suburban" she said. She spent countless weekend there with cousins and fam.

it's her uncle's. the house has the nuance of eighties: all the sky high trophies, "window shopping" cupboards, Life published books, stuffed birds of paradise, and carpets. very cool. and they have a cupboard full of NGMs dated from 1983! not to mention some stuffed tigers. Rooooooaaaarrr! Well, I can get used to this place LOL

Wina, Sara and I went straight to the pond. there awaited a goose, honking as we approached the green sawahs. the butler's children joined us. Putri and Febri conversed well.

Shiny, happy people

Later Linda, Didin, Wiwid, Irsan came. Linda and I went down to the sawahs and made some noise. We climbed the trees and "rubbed shoulders" with epiphytes hahahaha. Bleki (Blackie?) joined us and later he let me rub his neck. good boy. In the afternoon came Togi, Pithe, Lisa and Hendro.

Everybody was in good spirit. Pithe provided me with a surprise story, Togi strummed the guitar and set the night to music so did Wiwid who talked at length for the first time haha. The way Didin "drained" Hendro was very fun ("one sweet one with cheese, and don't take too long"). Irsan acted laid back and that was cool of him, and Hendro shed some light on us that night :)

There was much fun inside and outside. We--I--ate much, for sure. The people made the tastiest pisang goreng (sweetened with brown sugar) and dadar jagung. How this could not be satisfying? Yummy!

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