Selasa, 09 Desember 2008

Ah, Josiah!

I never know when I stumble upon a stranger (is that way to say meeting strangers?).

thanks to Josiah Leming's Angels Undercover. i disagree with his lyric but but the song is nice.

if i look back I've been meeting angels unaware. think of Marvin who drove us to the nearest station and Maria (?) the Filippina who helped me and Ayu on the train. "We people here say ha und em" i remember her smile and her curly hair. She was about to pick her son home.

They were Godsends. think of mbak Yayuk and husband on the way down to Purwodadi! if they din spot us, perhaps we children walked miles away and got exhausted hohoho. Sem the child din know what to do that he shamelessly slept soon as his head felt the comfort of the back seat hahahaha

Even now i regard that mustached policeman on my last trip to Pramuka was an angel. He saved me from those noisy impolite people. hahaha

have i been an angel?

(the kindness of strangers)

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Maria in her Impulsive-notion mengatakan...

my name was on it. i was like whoaaa have we met? hahaha i dont hink so, right? remember me? maria..peucang island, rather dark skin, nikon, anywayy.. there's always an angel in everyone... the thing is.. is it holy angel or the dark angel one.. hahah...