Jumat, 17 Juni 2011


apples. watercress. kali biru. cold. kletak. atok. oom darto. church. camping. pine aroma. dwarf apple trees. white blooms. white flowered rheumason-aromatic rooted plant. cold dip. charisma with curled-at-salon hair. naked dip. market. hermon. nelly. old woman named saniah (not shania, sem). red hi-ace. pickup kijang. long walk. Lima Sekawan-inspired camping at schoolyard turned disaster. no money, walking to pasar, hoping to hitchhike. saved by tante yayuk. 1991. the last time i saw oom stube. the legendary horse-shoe-like bent road. what did i eat? oom (?) at kletak whose daughter (?) married an australian. oom bambang? oom kusno? pak pi'i? camping at kletak. drank fresh-yet-sour milk, coffee added. kak flora and napak tilas? was it at Bukit Gembala? mas toton? what did he do up there. i guess he wasn't even present there. did papi came along? dont remember a trip with papi. mbak astuti? where is she? apples. never ate apples. sad eh? amazed at seeing carrot plants for the first time. did oom alex mentioned going there? whose empty house it is at the top of the cliff? seeing the small pink flowers of the shamrocks plants whose leaves taste sour. semanggi? apples. apples. why din they gave me apples?

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