Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Gathering!

From one Christmas to another, I repeat these lines: Yes, I practice Christianity yet in my family, Christmas is not that special. We used to move from one place to another, so we never thought having a Christmas tree. Since we live in different places, we don't gather at Christmases. It's Ok. Thanks for asking. I do appreciate :)

For most of my Christian friends, coming home for Christmas is a tradition. I never knew that until I went to college and friends would ask, "are you going to go home for Christmas?" or "Why don't you go home (for Christmas)?" Why should I? I replied back then. 

Soooooo I been repeating the lines ever since. Last Christmas I spent with friends. So did this Christmas. I spent it with Umi, Phie, Firman and Ipul.

After Christmas service, I went straight home, intending to continue reading The Malay Archipelago and some magazines. It was a difficult time for me. 

Umi SMS-ed me, inviting me to her house. "I know you go nowhere. Come here!" Never went there before, so i sought advice. 

So I took taxi, "Mister, get me to Ibu Megawati's (Soekarnoputri) house!" My frend's house is near hers.

There I met Phie, Ipul, and later Firman. They're friends who are active at WTM. They were gathering to edit the book they were about to publish. They wished me Merry Christmas and we lunched together. I was touched! They're all of Islamic faith. So sweet of them, yes?

Later we went to Phie's house which is nearby and we ate and be merry. 

A week later, we gathered again at Phie's. Right on the new year's eve. This time, I met Hamok, Mamet, Echi, Marley, Riza, and Aby. we cooked, ate, and be merry again.

This is what I learned: people need to gather every now and then. that's what i learn the whole time. and when you regroup, you need to be a good participant. none wants critics at parties. they need good comp'ny. and it was so nice of Anast, Ms. Unicorn, Hendra n Rita to gave me this set of jellies. 

So i been a good campaigner of jellies ever since. Friends love them too! the jellies not only can multiply faces, they can multiply happiness

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coretanku mengatakan...

eh itu pojok kiri atas tu gw ya?

SemSa mengatakan...

iyeeeeee, kubikin pas Natalan n Taun Baruan kemarin
gue lg bingung cariin lensa ini, lupa naruhnya di mana

coretanku mengatakan...

kirimin ke email gw ya seeem... tenkyuuuu

coretanku mengatakan...

baru baca, hahaha... terharu... hug hug hug