Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Again, To Dive For

(photo by Adrian Nugraha, Ricka Ristianti)

Phie suggested newbies to refresh diving each 6 months. With the exception of Rian and Ocha, none of us had dived since last April. we could not wait to plung. So here we were again. Too bad, Anien, Cupliz, Chokin, and Maria couldn't join the wet fun. 

Island hopping: Belanda, Magaran, Harapan, Kaliage, Kotok.

after the last dip, i climbed to the boat and lied exhausted. thought, ii'm going to die. but when i gazed skyward, saw a sea hawk soaring gracefully above Kotok. beautiful. thought, yesterday when i woke up , in my head was playing that song "my soul soars like an eagle up in the sky"

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[A]zhar mengatakan...

seeemmm,,,,iri pengen bisa diving jg

SemSa mengatakan...

hayooo Ipul, tunggu apa lagi?