Senin, 07 Desember 2009

J'aime Tegal

Long long ago, I, as once a Pantura-frequenter, thought it'd be nice to stop by and explore the city. So when Ent, Marcia, Cupay ignited the idea, I quickly yessed it. Besides i needed to attend a wedding reception there.

that morning on third week of Nov, we hopped on Dedy Jaya. The road was loooong and it was not our brother. bumpy one moment, smooth another moment. thankfully most of the time Dedy sped.

We arrived in the city at 14.15. it has malls! We, being constantly hungry, lunched at the nearest warung. The ready-to-eat menu was like what I usually see in Jkt with an exception of sotong cooked in its own black ink. (“where do sotongs refill their ink?” joked M). And here none puts a “warung tegal” sign or call theirs warung tegal.

We explored the city on becak (Been a while since I rode the last time in Yogya). we went to Pantai Alam Indah to watch sunset. we stopped by a military museum and then to Alun Alun Poci for exra heavy dinner.

Day two. In the morning we headed to Guci. At an intersection we got off for a transit. Like my previous experience in Yogya, some thugs forced us to wait in the minibus. this time I refused to give up. we chartered a mikrolet.

The driver offered to take us on a scenic Kampung Danawarsih (?). It has a beautiful river. Someone tried to cross the pillar-turned-into-bridge and trembled that he retrieved. Lol. And it was fun to dip my feet in the thigh high cold water. It’s probably the cleanest in-the-kampong-river I’ve seen!

Off we went up to Guci, stopping by to snap some Farmville-like views. The air is so refreshing here. It was noon and cloudy. We hiked up to the hills. The good thing is it has a warm springs which we dipped ourselves in.

Mr. driver insisted on taking us to the canopy bridge. It’s beautiful, stretching like 100 m across the river. Picturesque is the surrounding. Perhaps we can go there and camp! And it was good for us to meet a man “shepherding” ducks, never been as close! He’s got black ducks too, a hybrid of entok (mallard?) and duck. It is said they make tasty grill.

Speaking of eating, i should say yes. we came to the city to devour! our culinary feast consisted of: chicken and goat satay, soto balungan, soto gambyong, and soto tauco, nasi-jinggo-like (forget the name), durian and many more, and of course, being in Tegal, gallons of tea served in clay pot or teh poci.

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