Jumat, 22 Februari 2008


Eye candy: red cenil and green jenang

one day i had nasi (steamed rice), sayur nangka (unripe jackfruit with coconut sauce), tempe (soy cake), and kerupuk (chips) for lunch. and for the dessert: cenil and jenang (meals made of rice flour).

then i was so full and hardly move. i wondered why. my, those menu above are consisted mostly of carbs!

my thesisi: Indonesians are carb nations. we love carbs because it is affordable. Most importantly carbs are comfort food. They have the ability to stuff stomach.

Carbs here also make good desserts, especially traditional ones that we call jajanan pasar. My favorites are cenil and jenang with brown sugar sauce (they're sticky and 'bouncy'), tape singkong or fermented cassava, tape ketan hitam or fermented black glutinous rice (the alcohol level is high, tee hee), gethuk or cassava paste rolled on grated coconut, klepon or rice flour coated brown sugar, and dawet or cendol (rice flour cakes in brown sugar and coconut milk sauce). oh, just mentioning the names makes me salivate. i'm hungry.

the good thing is, I can find them most anywhere.


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